Photo hack for on the go and in the studio: portrait photography with artificial fog

Do you want to experiment with fog and create exciting effects in your pictures? You don’t have to buy a smoke machine for this, there is a simple, zero-current solution that even fits in your backpack. And fog sprays in simple spray cans, like the one used here Atmosphere Aerosol (from € 32.13). It promises to be productive and harmless if you inhale it. We tried the spray at a model shoot, both in the studio and outdoors.

According to the manufacturer, the contents of the can are sufficient for about five minutes of continuous spraying. In our test, we managed a longer indoor and two shorter outdoor shoots with just one can. The content turned out to be very productive. Although inhaling is described as harmless, it caused us to have a slightly dry throat after an hour in the studio, which quickly subsided. As promised, the fire alarm was not activated, but the spray left stains on the background paper in the studio.

At first we wanted to add an additional atmosphere to some of the pictures in the open air. A full-body portrait was created on a forest path, which appears mysterious through the fog in the background. The images in which only the head can be seen are better cropped, even if the background is blurred in soft bokeh.

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