Pentagon officially releases three UFO videos

L.the web asked itself: are these videos real? Unauthorized releases of three videos fueled rumors in 2007 and 2017. Do we see evidence in the recordings of the fighter pilots that UFOs exist? The first video is said to have been recorded by US Navy pilots in November 2004, the other two in January 2015. The recordings are from routine training flights. They were not officially published. The Pentagon ?? the headquarters of the US Department of Defense ?? changes that now.

Ministry statement on the videos

The US Department of Defense had previously admitted that the recordings were actually US Navy videos. Now it has officially split the three videos, as the release “does not reveal any confidential capabilities or systems and does not interfere with further investigations into military air space intrusions from unidentified aerial phenomena.” This was preceded by a thorough review. The aim is to end the speculation around the authenticity. The aerial phenomena still retain the title “unidentified.”

The best action cams

Do the recordings really show UFOs?

According to experts, it is unlikely that the three videos are aliens. Mick West, for example, science journalist and critical investigator, dissects theories about conspiracies and UFOs on his website. Across from CNET he said in 2018 that one of the videos was probably an object that was moving relatively slowly. It could be a bird or a balloon. Since the jet that is recording the video is traveling so fast, the illusion of speed against the ocean arises. The aiming system turned on reinforces that. West encourages viewers to pay attention to the way the pilots speak. They sound more like they’re enjoying the tracking system. A fear of running into (or flying) a spaceship is not recognizable. Whatever the recordings actually show, one thing is certain: they still remain UFOs? namely, unidentified flying objects.

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