Park Now: Car-free inner cities “currently unthinkable”

Because private transport is gaining in importance during the crisis, the vision of car-free cities is becoming a long way off from the point of view of the parking app provider Park Now. “Cars will not disappear overnight,” said managing director Marko Hrankovic of the dpa. “A completely car-free city center is currently not conceivable.” The number of new registrations has decreased significantly in the past few months. However, the level is still high.

Apps like Park Now, a brand belonging to the Free Now family of Daimler and BMW, are therefore focusing on digitizing the parking process. According to them, the search for a parking space has a high proportion of city traffic. According to them, the faster drivers can find a place for their vehicle, the lower the volume of traffic will be.

The programs allow drivers to pay parking fees using their mobile phones. Park Now has recently also offered the option of displaying how likely you are to find a parking space for certain parking spaces.

In Germany there are now a large number of apps that offer such services. In addition to Park Now, these include the Hanover-based company Easy Park and the Munich start-up Parkster. They often cooperate with the municipalities with a view to the public parking space, but also with providers of commercial or private parking garages.

Nevertheless: “In Germany we see a slower development with these digital payment methods,” said Park Now managing director Hrankovic. In countries like Great Britain or the Netherlands, 70 to 80 percent of parking is already handled digitally. “Parking meters are more likely to be dismantled there because it no longer occurs to anyone to deposit money there.” Germany is still a long way from that.


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