Pak Minister Tries To Troll India On Twitter with Poor English, Indians Slams Him Mercilessly –

An erroneous tweet can become a part of your permanent legacy and live forever.

Not stranger to spelling gaffes, Pakistani Science and Technology Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain often becomes the target of trolls either for misspelling words or factual errors and is often lampooned by netizens.

Recently he took to Twitter to attack Modi government regarding the long period of combined lockdown and curfew experienced in Kashmir. Have a look at his tweet:

When your country’s Science and Technology Minister doesn’t know how to spell lockdown, pandemic and because, there’s definitely a cause of concern for Pakistanis.

However, the Indian Twitteratti jumped in to troll the Pakistani minister.

Soon Pakistani twitter came up with their own ridiculous way to troll India.

But Indians very well know how to shut them up.

Formerly, he posted yet another tweet about the concern for the welfare of Pakistanis, that made us laugh hard. See for yourself:

If you’re looking for a good account to troll on, Chaudhry’s account is filled with errors and meme worthy material.


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