Ozark Season 4: Jason Bateman Shares New Info During Panel

Netflix’s Ozark is one of the most addictive shows on the streaming platform, and fans are eagerly awaiting the family crime drama’s fourth and final season, especially after Season 3 ended with a bang (literally, you’ll know if you’re caught up) earlier this year.

We still don’t know when Ozark Season 4 will come out–like everything else right now, it’s been upended by COVID-19–but thanks to a new panel in Variety’s Streaming Room, we now know a little bit more about Season 4.

Warning: Ozark Season 3 spoilers ahead.

Although the cast and filmmakers spent most of the panel ruminating about Season 3, series star, executive producer, and sometimes-director Jason Bateman shared one tiny tidbit about the upcoming season. When joking about the possibility of Janet McTeer’s return–dubious, since her character, Helen Pierce, was abruptly executed in Season 3’s final moment–Bateman claimed McTeer would appear briefly at the start of the new season.

“We’re going to be washing little bits of her out of our hair,” he joked, to laughter from the rest of the panelists. That tidbit wasn’t good only for a chuckle, though–Bateman went on to reveal, in what he referred to as a light spoiler, that Season 4 will pick up in the moments after Season 3 concluded. There won’t be a time jump, and we’ll get to see exactly how Marty and Wendy react to Helen’s murder.

Other than that, all we know about Ozark Season 4 is that it will be 14 episodes long, split into two parts, and will be the series’ final outing. Granted, that’s what we know–for what we want, check out our modest Ozark Season 4 wish list.

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