NoSQL database: Couchbase completes Ruby SDK 3.0

While Ruby inventor Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto recently confirmed once again that the next Ruby release will be version number 3.0, the no-SQL database provider Couchbase is already preparing for the programming language and new server functions. With the Ruby SDK 3.0, the database should be equipped for future data management options such as scopes and collections. The new SDK is compatible with all MRI Ruby versions from 2.5.0 and the Couchbase server from release 6.0.0.

The Couchbase Ruby SDK gives developers access to Couchbase clusters via an API in order to address buckets, scopes, collections or other database services and management interfaces. For the new release, the Couchbase developers have revised a number of functions and added new ones. In cases in which the document key is known, the key value operation (data service) therefore offers the easiest and fastest way of calling up or changing data.

As an alternative to upsert, replace other get the so-called sub-document operations allow access to certain parts of a document. Using specific sub-document paths, identified content can be addressed directly and the data transfer via the network can also be reduced compared to full-document operations. In addition, Couchbase users can use the SQL-based Query Language N1QL for queries and analyzes, which is tailored to JSON documents.

A complete overview of the new features in Ruby SDK 3.0 is provided by Announcement post about its general availability in the Couchbase blog on. Further information can be found in the release notes.


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