‘No Covid will touch’ if you blow conch shell, take mud bath, cut LPG use — Rajasthan BJP MP

BJP MP from Tonk–Sawai Madhopur Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria | Facebook: Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria

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New Delhi: From Yoga to cow dung (gobar) and urine (gomutra) to Bhabhi Ji papad, BJP leaders have trotted out a number of “prescriptions” for the prevention of Covid-19.

The latest piece of advice has come from Rajasthan BJP MP Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria. In a Facebook video post, Jaunapuria has recommended blowing a conch and frolicking in mud, apart from munching on leaves to “build up immunity against the coronavirus”.

Jaunapuria, a real estate bigwig, is the MP from Tonk–Sawai Madhopur constituency.

The video uploaded on Facebook shows the MP blowing a conch while drenched in mud, before he begins eating leaves from various trees and shrubs.

“Blowing a conch makes our lungs stronger,” he says in the video. “Earlier, I could only blow for 10 seconds, now I can blow for two minutes.”

He also insists that eating random leaves boosts immunity.

Prior to Jaunapuria, several other BJP leaders had come out with their own ‘prescriptions’ to fight Covid.

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