New iX Developer special issue “Modern Software Architecture” available as PDF

The software architecture is the important basis for large projects, even if its designers often remain in the background. You have to combine best practices and patterns with constantly changing trends and create a stable building for the software developed. The new iX Developer special issue “Modern software architecture: better software, better systems” contains numerous articles on current developments and traditional values.

In the core area of ​​software architecture, it deals with domain-driven design for the design of large systems and thereby bridges the gap to the creation of microservices. It also shows that traditional design patterns remain valid for the latter.

In the area of ​​quality assurance, the focus is on requirements engineering in an agile environment. It is also important to include security in the planning and development under the motto “Shift Left – Secure by Design” from the start.

On 146 pages, the special issue deals with current and timeless topics in software architecture.

Anyone who wants or has to bring applications to the cloud needs a specially adapted cloud-native architecture. It is important to deal more closely with the topics of container orchestration and Kubernetes. In order not to get caught in the network of service meshes, a comparison of the usability and features of the individual meshes helps.

Modern systems must of course keep an eye on the web and mobile platforms, and the issue is devoted to the topics of web assembly and declarative user interfaces. Articles on the latest developments in the field of quantum computing and artificial intelligence as well as a look at ethics in software development complete the compilation of articles.

The digital PDF edition of the special issue is now available for 12.99 euros in the heise shop. The The printed version can be pre-ordered for 14.90 euros. If you order up to and including August 27, you save the postage for sending the magazine. The magazine will be available in well-stocked kiosks and bookshops from August 20th.


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