Narendra Giri: Post-mortem Of Akhara Parishad President Continues, Land To Be Given At 12 Clock – Narendra Giri


10:55 AM, 22-Sep-2021

After the post-mortem, the body reached the Mutt Baghambari Gaddi.

The body of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of the Akhara Parishad, has reached the Math Baghmbri Gaddi after the post-mortem.

10:40 AM, 22-Sep-2021

The police left for the Baghambari throne with the dead body

Keeping the body of the Akhara Parishad President in the dead body, the police has left for the Baghambari Math. A large number of vehicles of saints and police officers are running behind the dead body.

10:11 AM, 22-Sep-2021

The body may reach the Baghambari Math in a while

The body of the Akhara Parishad President is being taken out of the post-mortem house. Preparations are being made to take the dead body to the Baghambari Gaddi Math. The tomb of Narendra Giri’s guru has also been built in this monastery. His tomb will be erected next to his samadhi.

10:07 AM, 22-Sep-2021

Post-mortem of Akhara Parishad President Narendra Giri

The post-mortem of Akhara Parishad President Narendra Giri has been completed. A team of five doctors has conducted the post-mortem of the dead body for about two hours. Videography of the entire post-mortem was also done and along with all the top officials of the district, officials of the akhadas and saints were present.

09:54 AM, 22-Sep-2021

The gate of the march was closed

SRN’s post-mortem house has been closed.
– Photo : Prayagraj

Post-mortem of Akhara Parishad President Narendra Giri continues. The main gate of the mortuary has been closed.

09:14 AM, 22-Sep-2021

The saints and servants of Baghmbri Math reached the post-mortem house

A large number of sages and saints are present at the mortuary. Mahant Hari Giri, Niranjani Akhara secretary Ravindra Puri and all the saints are present. The saints and sevadars of Baghambari Math have also arrived.

09:13 AM, 22-Sep-2021

Big sages continue to arrive from every corner of the country

Big sages, saints and Mandaleshwars from every corner of the country have started arriving in Prayagraj. According to the tradition of the akhada and the monastery, along with the law at 12 noon, Narendra Giri will be given land tomb.

09:13 AM, 22-Sep-2021

He will be given a land tomb at 12 noon in the Mutt Baghambari Gaddi.

All India Akhara Parishad President and Mahant Narendra Giri of Mutt Baghambari Gaddi will be given a land tomb in the Mutt Baghambari Gaddi today. According to Shri Mahant Ravindra Puri, Secretary of Panchayati Akhara Shri Niranjani, his tomb will be built inside the Math itself. Panchparameshwar and other saint-mahants of Niranjani Akhara along with many prominent saints will be present on this occasion.

09:12 AM, 22-Sep-2021

Police force deployed in large numbers

A large number of police forces have been deployed in Swarooprani Nehru Hospital with tight security arrangements. Videography of the post-mortem is also being done.

09:05 AM, 22-Sep-2021

Live: The body of Narendra Giri was taken to the monastery after bathing in the Sangam, land to be given in a while

On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi, the post-mortem of Mahant Narendra Giri’s body is being done by a team of five doctors. Two specialist MLN Medical College, two doctors at District Hospital and one doctor posted under CMO have been included in the panel constituted. The names of all the doctors of the post-mortem panel have been kept secret. The report will be sealed on the spot. A copy is also informed to be sent to the CM office.


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