Music service Deezer streams on Apple’s HomePod


Deezer now supports Apple’s networked HomePod speakers: paying subscribers to the music streaming service can stream content directly on a HomePod and HomePod mini and control it via Apple’s Siri voice assistance system – instead of sending the music from the iPhone to the speakers via AirPlay in the local network to have to. In addition to the usual premium subscriptions, Deezer’s HiFi subscription is also supported, which enables music to be streamed in lossless Flac format.

Voice commands can be used to control playlists or automatically created mixes such as Deezer Flow and to play back individual songs, albums and artists. Commands for liking music tracks and random playback are also supported, as Deezer announced on Thursday. Deezer can also be set as the standard service for media playback on HomePods in Apple’s Home app, so that the Siri commands do not always have to be appended with “with Deezer”.

Deezer is the first music streaming service in Germany that runs directly on HomePods. In the US, this is already supported by Pandora. HomePods were originally limited to Apple Music as an integrated streaming service, a limitation that may have deterred some prospective buyers. Apple recently discontinued the large HomePod, they now want to concentrate entirely on the cheaper HomePod mini, it said.

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More from Mac & i

It was not until iOS 14 that Apple opened the loudspeakers to third parties last year and has since allowed a different streaming service to be set as the standard – this has to be implemented by the provider. According to Apple, Amazon Music is also working on the HomePod integration, but an introduction is still pending. So far there has been no corresponding announcement from Spotify. In its complaint to the EU Commission, the streaming service also criticized the fact that Apple originally did not allow competitors to use the device.


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