Merge PDF with PDFsam: Instructions

Security advantage: With the PDFsam to be installed, you do not send files to a cloud service. The operator could read along there ?? even with existing HTTPS encryption.

D.he notorious mess of papers does not stop at the PC: As a rule, scanned sheets of paper are available in an image or in PDF format, as well as self-created PDFs and downloaded ones. Would you like to look at the many files, surely open them in tabs in your PDF reader? and switch between them with clicks. The latter is not necessary if you combine the PDF files that are important to you: all you have to do is scroll through the resulting PDFs after opening them. The following guide will explain you using PDFsam (PDF Split and Merge) the merger procedure ?? and also how to share content with PDFsam. One application scenario for PDF mergers is, for example, to create application documents.

Merge PDF files

PDFsam combines several PDF files in the order you want, which is useful for scanned certificates, cover letters and CVs (which can be created as PDF with LibreOffice). How to use the tool:

Installation: Download the program, double-click the MSI file and follow the instructions in the wizard. After clicking “Install”, confirm a warning message from the Windows User Account Control with “Yes”.

Sort PDF files: Click on the “Merge” tile in the program interface and drag the desired PDF files into the window (drag & drop) ?? to where the dashed lines are. The documents appear in a tabular overview, including their file name, size information and page number. So that the documents to be combined later appear in a certain order, drag the entries to a different position. Alternatively, repositioning works by marking and the key combination or .

Define and save the target path: At the bottom of “Target file”, after clicking the “Select” button, specify a storage folder including a file name for the new document. Click on “Start” below and the PDF generation and progress display will begin. The message “Completed” below informs you about the end of the action. Tip: Is the “Select” or the “Start” button invisible? You can fix this by closing an overlay window in front of “Select” with its X in the upper right corner; If necessary, you can make “Start” visible by using the handle on the lower right edge of the window to enlarge the PDFsam window.
Check presetting: By default, the tool compresses the newly created PDFs, which in the test of 53 PDFs with over 100 pages in a magazine resulted in a size advantage of 160 to 58 megabytes (with different content, there may be less savings). Under “Show advanced settings”, make sure that “Compress output file (s)” is checked. Remove it if you don’t want compression and consequently larger new PDFs.

Split PDF

If you have a large PDF file and you want to reduce it, this is quite possible with a document with several pages: Divide the document into several files, each containing only part of the content. In this way, you can mitigate problems such as sending by e-mail that occur when the file volume exceeds the maximum permitted attachment size. You can also send application documents more easily if there is a file volume limit. If you are only interested in part of a long (downloaded) PDF, you can delete the main document after splitting it into individual files and only keep the latter. At the end of the day you should delete the complex original PDF file if you want to save storage space? PDFsam doesn’t do that for you.

Prepare PDF separation: On the start interface, click on the “Share” tile. In the new screen, enter your document at the top under “Select or drag and drop the PDF for sharing” ?? for example by dragging and dropping from Explorer.
More settings: Under “Output Settings”, use the “Select” button to select another folder where the individual PDFs should end up; Use Ctrl-Shift-N to quickly create a new folder. The function “Show advanced settings> Compress output file (s)” is available as with merging and by default compresses your new files a bit.
Create PDF files: “Start” sets the division going. After going through a progress display, the program reports the status “Completed” below.

Create PDFs faster

A final tip: Normally you switch to “Merge” or “Split” on the tile start page of the program. depending on the project. You save yourself the click by dragging the desired data (files or folders) onto one of the tiles. The program then switches to the associated category and has already imported the data record. Note that this type of uploading of folders does not work in conjunction with the “Share” function; you change to the “@Share” area, but no PDF document has yet been imported.

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