Medion Life E6647: Test of the Aldi radio

Versatile? How the Aldi radio Medion Life E6647 fares in the practical test is here.

A.everything via stream? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In almost every household there are still old music treasures slumbering on cassette and CD. The problem: there is often a lack of a suitable player. Amazons Alexa boxes run the radio program in the kitchen, in the living room Sonos boxes provide us with the latest music via Spotify. From September 3, 2020, the Medion Life E6647 will be available in Aldi branches, a downright nostalgic player that receives classic radio programs and plays music from cassette, CD and USB stick. Does the Medion Life E6647 convince in the practical test?

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Medion Life E6647 in the test: Small and compact

With its dimensions of 28.5x14x21.3 centimeters, the Aldi radio is beautifully compact. The pull-out antenna required for radio reception is on the back, and there is a battery compartment on the underside for operation without a socket. Old-fashioned: This requires six large 1.5-volt batteries of the type LR 20. In times when many devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries, it looks like something from another century.

Cassette, CD and USB

That fits the other equipment. After all, the Medion Life E6647 is one of the few copies that still reel music, books and fairy tales from cassettes. This also works from CDs: the Aldi radio plays original CDs, but also CDs that you have burned yourself that contain music in MP3 format. The latter can also be played from USB sticks. A USB socket is located on the top of the device.

Heavy sound

It’s a shame: the tiny display only shows little information. This includes, for example, the medium from which playback is currently taking place or the radio station frequency. The Medion Life E6647 shows the station name via RDS just as little as the title name of the music being played. Users shouldn’t expect miracles from the sound either. The reproduction of highs and mids sounded a bit nasal in the practice test, the testers completely missed deep tones, and there was also a lack of volume. But from where? After all, the Aldi radio is in a small plastic case.

Medion Life E6647: test result

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