MediaMarkt starts new bonus program – COMPUTER BILD


Collecting points and receiving discounts remains the trend. No wonder, since many things feel more expensive every day. A small grant in the form of a voucher can inspire the purchase decision. Media Markt is also aware of this and is introducing a new bonus program for collecting points in addition to its previous club benefits. All you need to do is register for free with Media Markt Club necessary, then you can start.

This is how Media Markt rewards your purchases

For every euro spent, Media Markt rewards its Club members with ten points. Anyone who cracks the 10,000-point mark – in other words, has invested 1,000 euros in technology or accessories – will automatically receive a 10-euro coupon by email. This can be redeemed on the next shopping tour in one of the branches or in the online shop for purchases of 50 euros or more. However, points are not awarded on all purchases: Exceptions are, for example, download and gaming cards, eBooks, e-cigarettes, additional guarantees and Tchibo Cafissimo products. By the way, Media Markt will be giving away 1,000 extra points for every purchase until December 31, 2021.


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