Madhya Pradesh: Governor gave instructions for university examinations

Madhya Pradesh governor order to college university examination

Bhopal . Till Tuesday, it was reported that due to the extension of the last date of nationwide lockout (LOCKDOWN) by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi will not be able to conduct examinations in the universities and general promotion will be given to all the students but Governor Shri Lalji Tandon has today directed that the lockout The examinations should be started as soon as it is over. That is, there will be no summer vacation at the university this time.

When will the university exam in Madhya Pradesh, when will the results come

Governor Shri Lalji Tandon said that after conducting the examination between May and June, all the universities will declare the results in the first week of July. At the same time, summer vacation will not be done in this university. Governor Tandon appreciated the universities and said that efforts are being made by the intellectuals to build character of the students even in this crisis. From time to time, they are being given interactive online classes audio video lectures and study materials for regular studies by universities.

Online Classes Audio-Video Lecture and Study Material

The same Governor Tandon told the Vice Chancellor that lakhs of students of the university are future builders. Therefore, preserving them is our invaluable responsibility. Governor Tandon has instructed all the Vice Chancellors of the university to strive for the intellectual development of students. Speed ​​up their research research work. The same governor also said that this epidemic is a big crisis but there is no need to fear it. We can control it and combat it. In such lock down times, we have to instill confidence and self-pride among the youth and farmers.

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