Madhya Pradesh: 19-year-old youth commits suicide after he was beaten up, forced to drink urine

Three people in Madhya Pradesh’s Shuvpuri district allegedly thrashed a youth and compelled him to drink urine over a minor quarrel. The incident happened on Wednesday at the Bagrasajor village. Two of the accused are women. Following the acutely distressing incident, the victim ended his life.

The perished was identified as Vikas Sharma, Vikas took a video of himself before he executed the extreme step where he named the accused. According to the clip, the accused have been identified as Taravati Kohli, Priyanka Kohli and Manoj Kohli.

After specifying the accused in his suicide video, the 19-year-old stated that he was beaten up with any reason. He also said that the accused forced him to drink urine and the incident led him to suicide. The deceased also left behind a suicide note where he named the accused.

On the day of the incident, Vikas had gone to wash a jute bag at a hand pump close to his house. During this time, a few drops of water spilled on the bucket of water which was being filled by Priyanka and Taravti Kohli. Vikas said sorry to the accused and said that he would clean the bucket and fill it with water.

Regardless of this, Priyanka and Taravti Kohli started abusing the victim and in some time, they were joined by Manoj who allegedly thrashed Vikas. The two women allegedly pulled Vikas’ hair while Manoj poured urine in a vessel and forced him to drink.

In the suicide note, he wrote, “They made me unholy. Papa and Mummy please forgive me for this step without telling you anything. Please take care of Gulshan. This is my curse, they will suffer for what they did. ” In the note, Vikas also said that there is a video recording on his mobile phone that his parents must watch.

Shivpuri SP, Rajesh Chandel stated that they have filed a case against the accused. According to the police, the two families have an old rivalry. “Manoj’s brother was murdered by a close relative of Sharma one and a half year ago. There was a strained relationship between the two families. “

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