Madden 21: MUT Master predictions – Tomlinson, Brown, Chancellor, Kuechly & more

Which players could you be levelling up all season into true Ultimate Team beasts? These are our picks.

Madden 21 is just around the corner, and Ultimate Team players are keen to get planning their next year of domination.

One of the biggest things in MUT for team building is who the Masters are, and what position they are.

Let’s take a look at who could get the card that will be in your team all year.

Ultimate Team MUT Master

Last year’s MUT Masters, Pat Tillman and Tory Holt, were wildly popular cards.

In Madden 19 we got Ricky Williams and Ryan Shazier, so we are likely to get an offensive and defensive player again this season.

The only question is, who will it be?

Offensive MUT Master predictions

Let’s start with looking at the offensive master.

LaDanian Tomlinson, HB

With the new Skill Stick looking to change gameplay for ball carriers, LaDanian Tomlinson would be a wildly popular choice for MUT Master this year.

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He wasn’t in Ultimate Team in Madden 20 and fans were very disappointed. His #21 would also fit perfectly this year.

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However, running back is a tricky spot to put the Master as players often want to switch in and out with new cards. Players like Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders are always big draws for pack openers too.

Tim Brown, WR

The nine-time Pro Bowler and NFL Hall of Famer would be a great choice. He’s another player that didn’t appear in Ultimate Team last year and is a fan favorite.

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He’s a versatile receiver that fits a lot of schemes so should be well used by players.

Jonathan Ogden, LT

An offensive line Master might not be the most exciting, but it makes sense with a lot of the gameplay changes this year.

madden ogden 1
BEAST: Who better to protect you from improved pass rushers than Ogden?

User pass rushing will be more impactful than in previous years, so giving users a quality blocking option would be good.

He only appeared in Madden 20 as an RT which was odd. It’s time to put him back at his spot and let him go to work on pass rusher.

Defensive MUT Master

So that’s offense, but what about on defense?

Luke Kuechly, MLB

The Master spot has often been used as a tribute to players. The recently retired Luke Kuechly would fit that mold.

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The all-mighty middle linebacker was an elite tackler and superb in coverage, making him ideal for a MUT card that will always be on of the best in the game.

Jared Allen, DE

Pass rushing has been reworked to be more friendly for users, so putting the Master as a pass rusher could make sense.

Jared Allen was a beast for both Kansas City and Minnesota as he racked up 136 sacks and 4 All-Pro spots in his career.

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Of course, one issue with a DE is that plenty of players run a 3-4 defense. While never really an OLB, Madden could add it as a secondary position for him to make Allen a viable player for everyone.

Kam Chancellor, SS

The most popular choice however, would probably be Kam Chancellor. The hard-hitting Seahawks safety filled highlight reels with his big tackles and endless energy.

kam chancellor
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He’s another player that didn’t appear in Madden 20, so fans are keen to play with the big safety and start bringing the boom. With the new X-Factor “Avalanche” perfectly fitting Chancellor, it could be the perfect time to bring him back.

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