MacBook Pro 2021: Apple’s 10-core supposedly available soon

Apple is preparing the ARM switch for professional Macs: The new MacBook Pro built in 2021 is expected in the new edition with 14 “and 16” displays from the beginning of summer, as the financial news agency Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing informed people.

Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) with 10 computing hearts – eight of which are high-performance cores and two energy-saving high-efficiency cores – are planned for the new model series. According to the report, the GPU integrated in the Apple chip also relies on significantly more cores, with two variants with 16 and 32 shader clusters to be available. The chips should support up to 64 GB of RAM, allow more than just two Thunderbolt / USB4 ports, writes Bloomberg. Apple may want to offer the new chips in a more powerful version of the Mac mini.

For comparison: Apple’s M1 chip, which has been built into MacBooks, Mac mini and now also iMac and iPad Pro, relies on four performance, four efficiency cores and a GPU with eight (entry-level models, some 7) shader clusters. There the limit is reached with a maximum of 16 GB of RAM.

It has long been expected that Apple will use the revision of the MacBook Pro to bring back deleted interfaces in 2016, to the annoyance of many customers, including an HDMI port, SD card slot and its own magnetic connector for the power supply. The touch bar on the keyboard was also eliminated, it was said in advance.

By the end of the year, Apple is also planning a revised version of the MacBook Air and 13 “MacBook Pro with a faster M1 chip with up to 10 shader clusters.

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The Mac Pro will not make the ARM switch until 2022, according to Bloomberg. Apple wants to offer a chip with 20 and one with 40 computing hearts (32 performance cores, 8 efficiency cores) for the smaller new edition of the tower, the integrated GPUs should be available with up to 128 shader clusters. Apple paused work on a larger, more powerful iMac months ago to complete the 24 “iMac with an M1 chip, which is now on the market.


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