Luca Trailer Reveals Pixar’s Sea Monster Adventure in Italy

Join best friends Luca and Alberto on the adventure of a lifetime this June.


We did get a brand new still and a few new story details on Luca back in January, but now how about a trailer for the highly anticipated Pixar film? Hot on the heels of the release of Soul, Pixar is looking ahead with a tale set on the Italian Riviera that could offer the animation powerhouse another opportunity to create two distinct and stunning realms.

Luca puts the spotlight on Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer). They may seem like two average boys eager to have an adventure-filled blast while in Italy for the summer, but they’re actually harboring a secret about who they really are. Whenever Luca and Alberto come in contact with water, it’s revealed that they’re actually sea creatures who take on a human form while on land.

While this new look at the movie does show off the above sea level setting, according to director Enrico Casarosa, his film will following in the footsteps of other Pixar features like SoulInside Out and Cocoa, showing off two key locations. Here’s how Casarosa described the split between Italy and Luca’s home when we spoke for the trailer’s debut:

“Our protagonist comes from a hidden community and so there is part of the movie there, but the majority is a little bit more into where they go, which is of course, the neighboring town. There is two worlds. The motion is a tiny bit more toward the human world. Also because in many ways, we want to take all of the world to Italy, [to] this little quaint, small Italian town, which is a lot like the kind of low towns I grew up [in] when I was a kid and spent summers in. So a little more of that, but yes, you’re right, there is that duality.”

Luca and Alberto in the Pixar Movie Luca
Image via Disney

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The new trailer for Luca is less than two minutes long, but still boasts a significant amount of texture and detail while showing off the Riviera setting and the brief tease of who Luca and Alberto really are. Bump that up to the running time of a full feature and Luca is bound to be a rich, all-consuming look at the characters’ experience in both locations when it hits theaters on June 18, 2021.

To get a taste of what we’ve got coming our way, give the trailer a watch for yourself below:

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