Lockdown: Kidnapping of 2 sons of jailed murderers

Gwalior. Two brothers playing outside the house went missing. The incident occurred near Bharat Market in Maharajpura police station area. The matter came to know when the children did not return home even after a long time, then the family searched for them, but they were not found anywhere. When the children were not found anywhere, the family reached the police station and informed them. After the disappearance of two close brothers, the police took the matter seriously and registered a case of kidnapping and started searching for children.

Munni Devi wife Ranveer Singh, a resident of India Market near Kirti Dairy in Maharajpura police station area, lives with her two sons Raj and Gaurav. Both her children were playing at the door and she was working at home. When she came out to call the children after finishing work at around 9 pm, both the children were missing. Seeing the children disappear, he searched nearby, but they had no idea anywhere. Reported to the police if the children were not found. On receipt of the information, the police reached the spot and after investigation, registered a case of abduction.

After the disappearance of the two brothers, the police have started to scan CCTV cameras on the main roads nearby as well as to know where the children went and with whom. It is reported that the father of both the children, Ranveer Singh Rajawat, is serving a sentence in jail in the murder case and he is originally from Lahar Bhind.

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