Lidl garden: The current deals are that good

Everything for the garden: Lidl has the right device for hobby gardeners on offer in its online shop and in the branches.

GIn summer, species owners not only have every reason to be happy because of the beautiful weather, but also have plenty to do in their garden. The required garden tools can be bought by resourceful hobby gardeners in hardware stores or at discounter. In its online shop, Lidl sells garden tools from its own brand “Parkside” and other brands such as “Güde” and “Grizzly”. COMPUTER BILD checks the current Lidl garden offers for you and presents exciting alternatives (all prices – as of August 21, 2020).

Lidl garden: good to know

  • Garden tools from “Parkside”, “Güde”, “Grizzly” and other brands are always on offer in Lidl’s online shop.
  • The discounter charges 4.83 euros per order; additional 29.19 euros for delivery by forwarding agent.
  • The range currently includes chainsaws, lawnmowers and shredders.

Lidl: Electric chainsaw from the discounter

A chainsaw is an indispensable tool for delimbing and felling trees. The GH-EC 1835 electric chainsaw from Einhell is in stock for 61.41 euros in the Lidl online shop. With an output of 1,800 watts and an idle speed of 7,800 revolutions per minute (rpm), the device cuts up to 32.5 centimeters deep into the wood. The Oregon sword reaches a chain speed of 13.5 meters per second. Good: no tools are required for tensioning and changing the chain. Safety is provided by kickback protection, a mechanical instant chain brake, a chain catch bolt and a claw stop. The oil level can be easily checked through the sight glass and thanks to the large oil filler with a quick-release fastener, it is quickly filled to 160 milliliters.

Parkside Lidl electric lawnmower

Even in summer there is seldom a path past mowing the lawn. With the Parkside PRM 1200 A1, Lidl has an electric lawn mower for 48.73 euros in its online range. The model is equipped with a sharpened knife made of special steel and offers a cutting width of 32 centimeters. The cutting height can be adjusted in three stages to 20, 40 and 60 millimeters. Up to 30 liters end up in the collection bag with handle and level indicator. The handlebar with ergonomic handle is height adjustable. Thanks to the smooth-running wheels and the low weight of around 9 kilograms, the Lidl lawnmower is easy to maneuver. The discounter specifies the connected load as 1,200 watts. After the work is done, the model can be stowed away in the shed using the quick-release folding function.

Electric scarifiers at Lidl at discount prices

The formation of moss and thatch literally takes the air out of the lawn to breathe. Electric scarifiers remove the crushing layer so that the lawn can develop freely again. At Lidl, the Parkside PLV 1500 is available for 87.72 euros in the online shop and in the branches. The scarifying roller cuts the weeds out of the lawn with ten stainless steel double knives at a maximum of 3,600 rpm. A fan roller with 44 flexible steel spring claws is used against thatch and moss. The depth of immersion in the green area can be adjusted in four stages. According to Lidl, the motor has an output of 1,500 watts and the working width is specified as 36 centimeters. Up to 50 liters of weed fit in the collection bag. A height-adjustable handlebar with rubberized handle, automatic motor overload protection and a safety switch ensure comfort and safety. The rear wheels provide additional support. A wall bracket is included as an accessory.

Assessment: The offer for the electric scarifier for 87.72 euros plus 4.83 euros is not a price highlight. Other online retailers partially offer similar prices. If you are not lucky at the discounter, you will find an alternative in the current comparison winner AL-KO Combi Care 38E Comfort from the electric scarifier comparison. The garden tool offers similar equipment from around 108 euros in the Internet competition.

Chopper at Lidl: shred everything nice and small

If the hedge is trimmed, there is usually a lot of clippings that are difficult to remove or compost. A chopper solves the problem. Lidl has a model of Grizzly in stock for 106.26 euros. The EMH 2440 with its reversible cutter bar made of special steel and a powerful motor with high pulling power shreds branches with a maximum thickness of 40 millimeters. The device has overload protection and offers an output of 2,400 watts. Thanks to the chassis and the handle on the funnel, the Lidl shredder, which weighs around 14 kilograms, is easy to transport at any time. The scope of delivery also includes a pusher and a collection bag.

Lidl leaf vacuum: Equipped for autumn

Soon trees & Co. will lose their lush green again. Then many use the rake to hold the leaves together. A leaf blower is much more convenient. In Lidl’s online shop, a device is on offer for 38.79 euros. The Parkside PLS 3000 A1 blows, sucks and chops the leaves. The speed is continuously adjustable from 10,000 to 15,000 revolutions per minute. The Aldi leaf blower blows at a maximum of 320 kilometers per hour. The suction power is given as 14 cubic meters per minute. The 3,000 watt motor draws the necessary energy from the socket. The collection bag with zipper holds up to 55 liters. On request, the metal knives chop the colorful leaves in a 16: 1 ratio. The rubberized handle, an adjustable additional handle and an adjustable shoulder strap ensure comfort. With a weight of 4 kilograms, the model is relatively light.

Garden tools for the little ones

If you want to become a gardener later, you can practice early. Lidl offers kindergarten equipment in its online shop for EUR 17.01 plus EUR 4.83 shipping. These are functional and child-friendly replicas of a chainsaw, a leaf blower and a high-pressure cleaner from the Parkside brand. The toys are suitable from three years of age.

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