Lenovo Go: Notebook upgrade kit for wireless charging

Lenovo wants to charge notebooks without a direct cable connection. The wireless charging kit can be retrofitted to many mobile devices in the future and takes over the charging process with the help of two parts: The base consists of numerous metal “tiles” through which electricity flows. The receiver is attached to the underside of the notebook with an adhesive strip, connected to USB type C and closes the circuit via the tiles using two metal contacts in order to initiate the charging process of the battery.

The whole thing should work with virtually all notebooks that have a Type-C port with USB power delivery function, and is not limited to models from Lenovo. Due to the base and adapter size, Lenovo recommends the Wireless Charging Kit only for 13 to 14 inch notebooks in combination with a 45 or 65 watt power supply.

The Technology comes from the Energysquare companywhich calls the whole thing “Power by Contact” and, unlike other systems, does without induction. The efficiency should be at a high 93 percent. A controller negotiates the appropriate voltage and amperage as part of a USB handshake.

(Image: Lenovo)

With the retrofit kit, however, you have to live with restrictions: The adapter occupies a USB port and makes the notebook thicker and almost 50 grams heavier – the only advantage being that you don’t have to remove the power supply cable during transport. Alternatively, manufacturers can integrate the Energysquare technology into the notebook and thus make it more user-friendly. Lenovo would be the first big candidate for this.

The Wireless Charging Kit is scheduled to go on sale in January 2022 under the Lenovo brand Go. The recommended price is 140 euros. A power supply unit is not included.


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