Leaf Mask: Transparent corona mask with filter

D.he subject of face masks keeps the population in suspense. Where do you have to wear one and when, can I actually drop it off in a café or restaurant and what about in the hallway and in the offices at work? Which masks really protect? Question after question. And when used correctly, there are always inconsistencies. The editors have already answered some important information for you: For example, how to disinfect the face mask, where to buy a face mask and how to make a face mask yourself. However, a mask over half the face doesn’t look really good. This is where the Leaf company comes into play.

Leaf Mask: N99 standard

The main focus is on the transparent optics. Leaf announces that it is possible to unlock his phone, go through passport control or customs. Thanks to the N99 standard, the mask should block 99 percent of all particles up to a size of 0.3 micrometers. It is reusable and the filters in it should be usable for up to a month. According to Media report it has a larger surface area and greater airflow than other masks. The Leaf product is not only intended to filter harmful particles out of the air. Self-disinfection with UV-C light also takes place at the push of a button.

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Leaf Mask: Different sizes

Not only on the inside, but also on the outside, the mask is equipped with a hydrophobic, antimicrobial coating, on which no microbes survive with which it comes into contact. Drops of water should also roll off directly. The mask comes in four sizes: for children from three to eight years, from seven to twelve, teenagers or adults. According to the manufacturer, it should be 100 percent recyclable and biocompatible. The exchangeable filters are also recyclable and washable. App integration on iOS and Android devices is also offered. Information includes air quality, metabolism and ventilation control. The design comes from the USA.

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Leaf Mask: availability and price

On Indiegogo Crowdfunding will take place until July 13, 2020. The financing target of around 27,000 euros has long been achieved, and donations are currently around 1.254 million. The masks start at 49 US dollars (around 44 euros).

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