Lawsuits against Oracle and Salesforce for GDPR violations

The two software giants Oracle and Salesforce are facing two lawsuits in the Netherlands and Great Britain. You are accused of violating the General Data Protection Regulation by using data for real-time auctions in advertising. This is about the consent of the users, which according to the plaintiff cannot work in the procedure.

A lawsuit has already been received in Amsterdam today, reports the news portal TechCrunch. Behind it is the non-profit organization “The Privacy Collective”, for which the law firm Bureau Brandeis works. Together they fight for the interests of all Dutch residents whose data is used by Oracle and Salesforce without their consent. In the UK, a similar lawsuit is due to be filed by the Cadwalader law firm later this month.

Oracle runs a big data platform called BlueKai, which can be used to control personalized advertising and marketing measures. With Krux, Salesforce offers a platform for collecting customer data. Trackers and third-party cookies are widely used to feed the systems with data. This also recently revealed a data breach at Oracle. A tracking database from BlueKai with billions of personal data records was openly accessible on the Internet.

According to the GDPR, users have to give their informed consent to the collection and further use of their data. The question arises from critics again and again whether such consent is even possible, since the use of the data can hardly be overlooked. Real-time auctions for online advertising transmit massive amounts of personal data, which, according to data protection agencies, hardly anyone knows where they end up in the end. In such a confusing market situation, users could no longer give their consent.

The browser provider Brave has already submitted complaints to several data protection authorities against Google and other companies that offer programmatic advertising, i.e. those that are bought in auctions. Brave manager Johnny Ryan, who was largely behind the complaints, recently swapped his position at the company for work for civil rights organizations.


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