Kyle Walker mocks Manchester City teammate Raheem Sterling over running style

Kyle Walker has jokingly mocked Raheem Sterling’s running style, imitating how his Manchester City teammate sprints in a social media video.

Full-back Walker and winger Sterling have regularly combined to devastating effect down the right flank for City and both have reputations for being quick players.

However, Walker has poked fun at the way Sterling runs, claiming that his technique is “awful” and that only Leroy Sane can challenge for the title of fastest player at the Etihad Stadium.

“It’s bad ain’t it, how he runs. I mean he’s really quick but his technique’s awful,” Walker told Soccer AM’s Peter ‘Tubes’ Dale during an Instagram Live video.

“But he’s a good player…he does say he’s quicker than me, but maybe the net time when you speak to him, or he can actually, you know, say it himself who won in the race we had.

“We had a semi-race and there was only one winner”

When asked if winning that race made him the fastest of Pep Guardiola’s men in sky blue, Walker said: “Well Leroy wasn’t there, unfortunately, but I’ve always said it’s been me and Leroy.

“Raheem first ten [metres], twenty, yeah – but after that, the technique starts going everywhere and he ends up like this,” Walker added while flailing his arms above his head.

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