KubeCon Europe: Cloud-Native and Kubernetes in the pandemic

The KubeCon & CloudNativeCon, the largest user and developer conference for software from the Kubernetes and cloud-native universe, has started. It has “Europe” in its name, but for obvious reasons it takes place entirely online – like so many other events.

And it was precisely this radical change that had an impact on the Kubernetes user community. Because many companies were forced to quickly turn the buzzwords “digitization” and “digital transformation” into action and offer services online from spring 2020, scalable cloud environments were more in demand than ever.

User reports from the pandemic were the focus of the keynotes on the first day. The organizers of the CNCF, the foundation under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation that manages the Kubernetes code, had brought along numerous examples of applications that had to grow in the pandemic or were developed from scratch – with Kubernetes of course: including Corona map services , Administration of vaccination logistics, contact tracking and health apps, but also streaming service providers and delivery services.

One of the guests on the live stream was Jim Haughwout from Peloton, the provider of home training bikes with live video training. Over the past year, the company has gradually converted its systems to Kubernetes and since March 2021, 100 percent of the traffic has been handled via Kubernetes clusters – although the user base doubled in some cases from one month to the next.

Stephan Fudeus from 1 & 1 Mail & Media was a guest from Germany. The mail provider (GMX and Web.de) set up its first Kubernetes cluster in 2017 and today operates around 55,000 CPU cores in Kubernetes environments. Numerous open source applications from the Kubernetes universe are used: including Traefik, Grafana, Open Policy Agent and Helm.

Around KubeCon, many companies from the Kubernetes ecosystem traditionally publish announcements for new functions and products. The CNCF itself also usually has some news to offer. For everyone who is slowly losing track of the multitude of keywords, there is now one Cloud native glossarywhich is regularly supplemented.

KubeCon Europe runs until Friday. The Ticket for the keynotes and the virtual exhibition is free.


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