Knockout City: Millions of players and a new story

Do you remember the physical education class and a nice game of dodgeball? Two teams throw each other with balls. If you get hit and don’t catch or evade, you’re out. In the USA this sport is called dodgeball – and this is exactly what the current multiplayer hit “Knockout City” is based on. Over five million players have already fired rubber balls around their ears! But the young community is primarily concerned with one question: Can interest in such a title be sustained over the long term?

History of Knockout City is changing

“Knockout City” has all the characteristics of a great game: simple gameplay for everyone, but also depth in terms of strategy and teamwork. While the former attracts a large audience during the release hype, the latter keeps the potential players involved in the long run. First of all, the game offers a certain balance: all virtual athletes get access to the same skills and play in symmetrical arenas for the same ball spawn points. Thus, the individual performance of the player and the team synergy decide who can prevail in “Knockout City”.

“Knockout City” is ideally played with friends or with your own crew.

The frame of the title offers a background story that will, among other things, influence different seasons. Something like this is already known from comparable eSport titles such as “Fortnite” or “Apex Legends”. Here, a comprehensive story contributes to changes to the game map, for example. However, events do not come every minute, but often spread over many months. There are things like that in “Knockout City” that the developers are currently not satisfied with. For this reason, there will be major changes with the upcoming season of the Dodgeball action title, before players are then sent on a story-wise journey. It remains to be seen whether there will be enough online athletes on board by then. This is not least due to the rather high purchase price of 20 euros, which is often left out of the game with comparable games.

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