Kleiman Estate appeals to the former CEO of nChain for the impeachment in Craig Wright Case

After a court beat Craig Wright for producing forged documents and giving perjury in the ongoing legal circus between Wright and Ira Kleiman’s estate involving the Tulip Trust, Kleiman’s legal team is busy finding a crown witness .

Wright’s legal team is trying to sue former nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen to make a statement. However, it seems they are having a hard time tracking him down. Wright’s legal team left a comment on Jimmy’s latest Twitter post on March 29:

“Jimmy – we tried to serve you with a subpoena in Kleiman v. Wright. We tried your house and your email. Do you accept service via Twitter?”

The court ordered Craig Wright to provide the private keys of Satoshi’s Bitcoin through a bonded bond by January 1.

Since the court suspected that the courier’s documents had been falsified in disrepair. The court also requested 4 more statements from Wright employees, including his wife, Ramona Watts.

The case has taken more than 20 months and has been thwarted by Wright’s deception and lack of cooperation. The court suspects nChain’s involvement in the case, as documents provided by Wright have indicated.

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