Karnataka SSLC Science Answer Key 2021 (Available): Check Answers Here

Karnataka SSLC Science Answer Key 2021 – Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) has successfully conducted the SSLC examination for the Science subject on July 19, 2021. A total of 8.76 lakh students have registered for the Class 10 examinations. Karnataka SSLC Science Answer key has been released unofficially by various subject teachers and coaching institutes. Karanataka board shall also release the SSLC answer key 2021 officially at the website, kseeb.kar.nic.in. Students can use the SSLC answer key as provided here to check their answers and calculate their probable score. Along with the answer key, the Karnataka SSLC question paper for Science is also provided. Check more details on Karanataka SSLC Science answer key 2021 from the page below.

Latest: Karnataka SSLC answer key 2021 for Science has been released unofficially. Students can check the questions & answers for the Science subject from below.

Karnataka SSLC Science Answer Key 2021

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The Karnataka SSLC Official Answer Key consists of the name of the subject, the question paper set number, total marks, and marks per question etc. The answer key is classified into categories provisional and final. Students can check the schedule for the release of Karnataka SSLC Science answer key 2021 from the table below.

Karnataka SSLC Science Answer Key 2021 Dates
Karnataka SSLC exam date 2021 19 July 2021
Release of SSLC Unofficial answer key 19 Jul 2021 (after the exam is over)
Release of Provisional answer key 4th week of Jul 2021

Karnataka SSLC Science Questions & Answer Key 2021

You can check the answer key for the Karnataka SSLC Science examination from down below.

Ques 1. The device that works on the principle of electromagentic induction is?

Ans 1. Electric Generator

Ques 2. An electric lamp whose resistance is 30 Ω and a conductor of 6 Ω are connected into a series of 9 batteries as per the image, the total current flowing is?

Ans 2. 0.25 A

Ques 3. The inner wall of the solar cooker is painted clack because of this?

Ans 3. prevents from rusting

Ques 4. The filament used in the electronic bulb is?

Ans 4. Tungsten

Ques 5. A rectangular coil of copper wire is rotated in a magnetic field, the direction of current changes once in each?

Ans 5. Half Revolution

Ques 6. The focal length of a lens is -0. 50m. The power and lens types are?

Ans 6. + 2.0 D and convex lens.

Ques 7. The device used to change the resistance in electric current is?

Ans 7. Rheostat

Ques 8. The magnetic field lines inside a solenoid are in the form of parallel straight lines, the reason for this is, that the magnetic field inside it is.

Ans 8. Uniform

Ques 9. The nature and size of the image formed when an object is kept between the principal focus F1 and optical centre O of a convex lens are.

Ans 9. Virtual, Erect and Enlarged

Ques 10. The device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is?

Ans 10. Electric Motor

Ques 11. OHM is the SI unit for?

Ans 11. Resistance

Ques 12. The source of energy in a nuclear power reactor is?

Ans 12. Nuclear Fission Reaction 

Ques 13. One property of a convex lens is that, it 

Ans 13. It is thinner at the edges and thicker at the middle

Ques 14. A compound that reacts with both acids and bases to produce saltwater is.

Ans 14. Aluminum Oxide 

Ques 15. Check the following image

Ans 15. Correct Option is (C)

Ques 16. Properties of elements are a periodic function of the atomic number, this law was proposed by.

Ans 16. Henry Mosely

Ques 17. The decreasing order of reactivity of the metals in the above reaction is. 

Ans 17. Zn > Fe>Cu

Ques 18. The atomic number of an element is 20. In the modern periodic table, this element belongs to the period. 

Ans 18. 4

Ques 19. The number of single bonds and double bonds present in the structure of Benzene molecules respectively are. 

Ans 19. 9 and 3

Ques 20. The gas liberated when sodium carbonate reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid is.

Ans 20. Carbon Dioxide

Ques 21. The major component of compressed natural gas is?

Ans 21. Methane

Ques 22. The substance that converts blue litmus paper into red colour is?

Ans 22. Gastric Juice 

Ques 23. The process to convert sulphide ores of metal into their oxides is?

Ans 23. Roasting

Ques 24. The common molecular formula of both hexene and cyclohexane is?

Ans 24. C6H12

Ques 25. The acid present in the stinging hair of nettle plant leaves is?

Ans 25. Methanoic Acid

Ques 26.  The hormone that regulates carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism in the human body is?

Ans 26. Thyroxin

Ques 27. A pot has a growing seedling kept in a dark room. A burning candle is placed near it for a few days, the top part of the seedling bends towards the light of the burning candle why?

Ans 27. Phototropism

Ques 28. The correct statement with respect to biodegradable substances among the following is these substances?

Ans 28.  Undergo recycling naturally in the environment

Ques 29. The correct sequence found in the process of sexual reproduction in a flower is?

Ans 29. Pollination, Fertilisation, Embryo, Seed

Ques 30. Saving Electricity by switching off unnecessary lights is an example of?

Ans30. Reduce

Ques 31. If a round green pea plant RRYY is crossed with wrinkled yellow seeded pea plant early, the seeds produced in the F1 generation are?

Ans 31. Round and Yellow Seeds

Ques 32. Homologous organs are?

Ans 32. Have same structure and perform different functions

Ques 33. The blood veins that carry blood from all parts of the body to the heart are?

Ans 33. Veins 

Ques 34. Plants can get rid of excess water by this process?

Ans 34. Transpiration

Ques 35. The gap between two neurons is?

Ans 35. Synapse

Ques 36. The embryo gets nutrition from the mother’s blood with the help of a special part called?

Ans 36. Placenta

Ques 37. The common passage for both sperm and urine in the human male reproductive system is?

Ans 37 Urethra

Ques 38. Which of the following is not the advantage of water harvesting structures?

Ans 38. Provide breeding grounds for mosquitos

Ques 39. The experience of an individual during a lifetime cannot be passed onto its progeny because?

Ans 39. Acquired traits 

How to Download Karnataka SSLC Science Official Answer Key 2021?

Once the official Karnataka SSLC answer key 2021 is released, the candidates can download it by following these steps.

1st step: Firstly, you need to click on the above given link.

2nd step: On doing so the PDF of the Karnataka SSLC Science Answer Key appears on the screen.

3rd step: Thereafter, download it and use it for immediate references.

How to use Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021?

Candidates need their Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021 answer key, response sheet and question paper to estimate the scores in the exam.

Step 1: The candidate, first of all, needs to curate all of the above mentioned sources i.e. answer key, question paper and response sheet. 

Step 2: Next, start cross-checking each and every answer in the response sheet

Step 3: Add 01 marks for every correct answer and 00 marks for incorrect answer.

Step 4: After doing so you can calculate the Karnataka SSLC probable score as per the marking scheme.

How to raise objections in the Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021?

In case, you are unsatisfied with any question / answer in the Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021, then you can raise an objection against the same. Candidates need to log in with their respective registration form number and fill an application form for the same. They also need to pay a nominal amount of fee per subject. As per last year notice, the objection raised should not exceed more than 100 words.

Karnataka SSLC Answer Key

FAQ’s for Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021?

Ques 1. Is Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021 sent by post?

Ans 2. No, candidates can download Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021 in online mode.

Ques 2. How many marks are needed to qualify in Karnataka SSLC 2021?

Ans 2. Candidates need 33% or more to qualify in the same.

Ques 3. When will the Karnataka SSLC Answer Key 2021 release?

Ans 3. It is expected to release on or before 4th week of July 2021.

Ques 4. Can I raise an objection against the Karnataka SSLC final Answer Key 2021?

Ans 4. No, the candidates can only raise objections against the provisional answer key of Karnataka SSLC.

Ques 5. Will there be negative markings in the Karnataka SSLC answer key calculation?

Ans 5. No, there is no negative marking in the Karnataka SSLC.

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