Justice Minister: New law to encourage critical handling of fake news

So that children do not fall for crude conspiracy theories, the Ministry of Justice wants to use a new law to promote the critical use of information on the Internet. “We cannot and do not want to ban such nonsense,” said Christine Lambrecht (SPD), head of the department Rheinische Post. “That is why we have to strengthen the children’s ability to criticize in school so that they do not fall for dull slogans and idiotic myths. Instead, we recognize that behind them there are ideologies that are directed against democracy and a free society.”

Lambrecht wants to achieve this with what she called a “Democracy Promotion Act”. “A big problem is that many social projects to strengthen democracy only have a limited financial basis,” Lambrecht told the newspaper. Organizations could not plan for the long term and it would be difficult for them to keep competent employees in the long term. “We therefore need a law promoting democracy that ensures long-term funding.”

Lambrecht pointed out that extremists often worked with false claims and fake news that spread quickly on the Internet. More information on how to deal critically with such messages is therefore urgently needed.

However, with some conspiracy believers, the state reaches its limits, admitted Lambrecht. For example, when it is seriously claimed that Germany is in truth ruled by lizards. Such people are no longer accessible to factual arguments.


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