Jeff Bezos is said to have a luxury yacht built

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is said to have a 127-meter-long luxury yacht built. The Dutch company Oceanco is building the three-master, writes the journalist Brad Stone in his new book “Amazon Unbound”, which will be launched shortly.

Further details about the yacht have not yet been released, writes Stone according to a preprint. Oceanco is also building a “Beiyacht” with a helipad. Bezos’ partner Lauren Sanchez had a flight license and Bezos also took flight lessons.

The world of luxury yachts is quite secretive from the public. That was also evident in February of last year, when the British newspaper telegraph reported that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was having a hydrogen-powered yacht built. The Dutch manufacturer Sinot denied the message that the telegraph but still remains online – albeit behind a paywall. The journalist Christopher Williams from telegraph as well as gates unanswered. In this respect, it is to be expected that both Bezos and Oceanco will not answer the inquiries from heise online – if at all – in a confirmatory manner.

Like other yacht companies, Oceanco has this luxury yacht “Black Pearl” displayed with a “cheap trade flag”.
(Image: Oceanco)

Bezos and Gates have in common, besides a very large fortune, that they are said to have been sighted as guests on board yachts of other wealthy people; Bezos 2019 on the super yacht of the film mogul David Geffen, Gates 2014 on an expensive boat of the vodka magnate Yuri Scheffler. They also have in common that they ended their long-term marriages. Bezos’ relationship with Sanchez came under more public scrutiny when blackmail allegations related to very private photos and text messages emerged in 2019. Stone deals with this affair in his book.

A boat that only the super-rich can afford: the Aqua, which runs on hydrogen.


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