Javed Miandad recalls hilarious encounter when Pakistan, India cricket team played Holi together [Watch]

Former Pakistan skipper Javed Miandad on Wednesday reminisced about the hysterically funny experience when both India and Pakistan cricket team played Holi together at a hotel in Bengaluru.

Talking in a YouTube video, Javed Miandad called to mind that the players did not have much to do in the hotel from Pakistan’s tour of India, so they spent their time playing holi with each other and throwing one another in the swimming pool.

“During the Bangalore Test, both the teams were staying in the same hotel. There was not much to do around there. In the evening, we all used to spend time together. It was around Holi season,” Miandad recalled.

“People started playing Holi in the hotel. I remember we even entered Imran Khan’s room and everyone was putting colours on each other. We did not even leave Indian cricketers. They, of course, had no problems,” he added.


The 62-year-old further remembered that he picked up Ravi Shastri from his room and threw him in the pool. “Ravi Shastri was hiding himself. We entered his room, and we picked him up and we threw him in the pool. All of us really enjoyed together,” he said.

The former right-handed batsman dubbed it as Pakistan’s best tour and stated that everyone should take part in each other’s festivals. “It was Pakistan’s best tour. We were invited everywhere. We all celebrated Holi together. Everyone should participate in each other’s festivals. I don’t see no harm in it,” he said.

“I was always thrown in the water. We were pushing each other in the pool. We used to have so much fun,” he added.

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