iX workshop: Automated text analysis with machine learning

Unstructured amounts of text such as emails from customers and partners, contracts, posts from various social media channels or product reviews on the Internet contain valuable information. With machine learning methods such as natural language processing (NLP), clustering, topic modeling, classifications and universal embeddings, numerous methods are now available for the automated analysis of such large text corpora. This allows mails to be pre-sorted, moods in social networks to be tracked, contract texts to be classified and much more.

In the three-day online training Automated text analysis Developers, software architects and data scientists use practical examples to learn how to prepare texts for analysis and statistically analyze them, how to model different subject areas in texts using unsupervised machine learning methods and how to analyze and classify texts using monitored machine learning methods.

The workshop, in which you can comfortably participate with a browser and headset from your desk, will take place from November 29th. until 2.12. instead of. If you are interested, there is also the option of a fourth workshop day, which deals with the extraction and processing of text material from different sources. Participation is limited to 15 people in order to leave enough space for your own questions and exchange. If you register by November 1st, you will receive an early bird discount of 10%. The speaker Dr. Christian Winkler is a data scientist and machine learning architect and has been working in the field of data science and artificial intelligence for 20 years.

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