Internet broadcaster Rocket Beans TV is cutting back on live broadcasting

The live stream channel Rocket Beans TV (RBTV) has been broadcasting video game and entertainment content of all stripes on Twitch and YouTube without interruption since January 2015. Now the production company behind it, Rocket Beans, has announced that it wants to reduce broadcast operations. This promises a more efficient distribution of resources in order to be able to produce more complex programs. In addition, they want to display the content in a more target-group-oriented way.

That’s what managing director Arno Heinisch said in a one-hour announcement video known. Rocket Beans TV is currently broadcasting 24/7, but not all content is broadcast live. The schedule is filled by own pre-produced programs such as Let’s Play videos, but also content from third parties such as the podcast c’t uplink. From November 1st, the Rocket Beans want to separate live and VoD content more clearly and reduce transmission time. External content should be completely eliminated.

In the future, live content will always be broadcast on Thursday and Friday. Every month, the entertainers plan to broadcast a larger live event such as “Haus an Home”, “Beans VS” or “Pub Quiz” once on a Saturday. In addition, the Rocket Beans veterans such as Etienne Gardé and Simon Krätschmer stream on their own Twitch channels throughout the week. The production company wants to continuously upload pre-produced programs to YouTube for the remaining days of the week. A mix of RBTV content will continue to run around the clock via the online TV platforms Waipu and Zattoo.

With the program restructuring, the production company wants to increase audience numbers and sales. According to a FAQ the team should not shrink in the course of the restructuring. Rocket Beans was founded in early 2015 by the ex-Giga and Game-One presenters. The production company is financed through affiliate links, sponsors and donations from the community, among other things.


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