Instagram wants to check identities behind suspicious user accounts

In the future, Instagram wants to more closely check user accounts that appear due to conspicuous behavior. The operators of the photo and video platform mean, for example, accounts that are apparently controlled by bots or fraudsters. In order to find out about suspicious user accounts, Instagram now wants to subject the respective account holder to an identity check.

The accounts can be restricted during the identity check, it says in the official blog from Instagram. The company accepts various types of ID for the examination – The full name, the age of the person and a photo are important. If account holders do not comply with the company’s request to disclose or confirm their identity, the user accounts can be deactivated.

According to Instagram, proof of identity is handled responsibly and is deleted within 30 days of the verification being completed. Pseudonyms should also not be endangered by the check. Information from the identification documents cannot be called up in the user profile.


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