Industry 4.0 lowers CO2 emissions, source: industrial companies

A survey by Bitkom comes to the result that digitization would ensure more sustainability. The IT industry association surveyed industrial companies in Germany. A full 73 percent said that Industry 4.0 would reduce the CO2– would reduce emissions. Almost as many companies stated that networked machines, predictive maintenance and automation could save resources in production.

A central role here is played by the fact that 85 percent of those surveyed said that Industry 4.0 will ensure a circular economy with closed material and product cycles. Here, raw materials could be used again and again. Goal of the federal government it is that domestic industry will cut its emissions by around half by 2030 – compared to 1990 levels. For this purpose, it also provides funding in the area of ​​energy and resource efficiency.

The survey also confirms an increased awareness of sustainability in the industry: every second company has already made a voluntary commitment to reduce CO2-Emissions imposed, another 34 percent would specifically plan this. 31 percent are already using climate-friendly production materials and 32 percent would have a sustainability strategy.

Bitkom President Achim Berg says: “We need efficient and climate-friendly production processes in industry – and that only works with digital technologies. With Industry 4.0, German industry can become a pioneer in climate-friendly production.” At the representative survey 552 industrial companies with 100 or more employees took part; the data was collected in the first half of 2020.

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