India sends 30 tonnes of equipment, aid to Mauritius to help contain oil spill

The oil spill off the coast of Mauritius | @AfricaFactsZone | Twitter

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New Delhi: India has sent 30 tonnes of technical equipment and material on board an IAF aircraft to Mauritius to help the country contain an oil spill on its pristine south-east coast.

A 10-member Indian Coast Guard (ICG) team specialising in containing oil spill has also been deployed to Mauritius to extend necessary technical and operational assistance, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Sunday.

A Japanese bulk carrier struck a coral reef off the coast of Mauritius in late July and leaked hundreds of tonnes of oil in the environmentally sensitive region days later.

On Saturday, Mauritian authorities said the ship, MV Wakashio, broke apart. Last week, Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth declared a state of environmental emergency and sought international assistance to deal with the situation.

“In response to a request of the government of Mauritius for assistance in dealing with the environmental crisis due to oil spill on its south-east coast, the government of India has dispatched over 30 tonnes of technical equipment and material on board an IAF aircraft to Mauritius to supplement the country’s ongoing oil spill containment and salvage operations,” the MEA said in a statement.

The MEA said India’s assistance is in line with its policy to extend humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to its neighbours in the Indian Ocean region and guided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of security and growth for all in the region.

It said the urgent assistance reflects the close bonds of friendship between India and Mauritius and New Delhi’s abiding commitment to assist the people of Mauritius in need.

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