In Corona crematorium, Junior burns senior employee alive instead of dead body

New Delhi. America, considered the world's most powerful country, is breaking all the records of deaths these days. In such a situation, the number of dead bodies has also increased significantly in the crematorium. In the meantime, a case came to light which would make everyone's hair stand up. An employee of the General and Cremation Agency in New York City, USA, cremated his living partner at the Electric Crematorium as a funeral. In a blink of an eye, the senior employee turned into ashes.

The employees of the general agency are working continuously. To reduce the workload, a new young employee was appointed here. Michael John, a 48-year-old senior employee, continued to nap while working and lay on the stretcher on which the bodies are kept. Meanwhile, information was received about another dead body.

Michael, the support worker, slept on the stretcher as the body. The electric crematorium was activated before anyone realized the mistake and John's body turned to ashes at temperatures of 1400 to 1800 degrees. Jenna Anderson, another colleague of John, witnessed the incident directly.

Heard scream on burning

Anderson said that after 15 seconds after activating the crematorium, he heard a scream there. But before he could do anything, John's body had turned into ashes due to the 1800 degree temperature. According to Anderson, the new young employee was joined 1 day earlier.

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