If grandson turned Corona positive, a case was registered against Dada

Jabalpur. There has been a stir in the health department, including the district administration, after a sudden corona positive case was found in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It is being told that a 9-year-old child became a victim of corona. It is said that the 9-year-old child lived mostly with the grandfather. The grandson was also found to be Corona positive after Dada was infected.

Please tell that these 70-year-old elderly were not only roaming in the market but also did not instruct their family members to stay in their homes. Which is considered a serious crime by the collector. According to the information, 18 samples were sent by Jabalpur ICMR, in which one case came positive, while the remaining 17 reports have come negative. Here, Jabalpur Collector Bharat Yadav had directed to register an FIR against a 70-year-old elderly resident of Kotwali. These FIRs were directed by the Collector to hide information against the elderly.

It is noteworthy that 9-year-old Charm Soni, grandson of Surendra Soni, who got positive on Sunday, has also been found positive in the test. The report of the remaining 17 out of 18 samples sent today to people close to Surendra Soni has come negative. Today on Monday, a total of 44 samples were sent for testing. These include three samples sent from the medical college. Earlier in the reports received this evening, a sample which was kept under process has also been found to be negative.

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