Idris Elba Gave An Update On His Coronavirus Status


We’re all (hopefully) quarantining right now, even if we don’t have symptoms of the novel coronavirus that continues to plague the planet; you may still have it and simply be asymptomatic, meaning you could unknowingly infect others. (By the way, there still isn’t widespread testing in America.) For example, you could be Idris Elba, who last week revealed that he’d tested positive for COVID-19, though he said he’d not been suffering from any major symptoms. A week and a half later, he took to Twitter to offer an update.

It appears nothing much has changed. “Hoping everyone is coping with this [email protected]@!! Currently still quarantine,” Elba wrote. “Sab [his wife] and I still feel ok so far with no changes. Dr told us that after quarantine we will be immune for a certain time since our antibodies fought this. At some point we’d like to go home to London. Bsafe.” Along with the caption was a photo of a peaceful Elba, sitting on a couch.

The update is happily uneventful, though it does quietly reiterate the importance of being patient, not letting cabin fever get the better of you as we all wait this one out, lest we make the problem even worse. And at least he has company. Hang in there, Mr. Elba, and the same goes for the rest of you.

(Via EW)


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