How to download videos from Pinterest


Did you like a Pinterest video, but don’t know how to download it? The social network offers a wide variety of content, such as recipes, tips and tutorials, allowing you to save photos / illustrations directly on your phone or computer. This quick feature, however, is not available for moving images.

The best way out is to use external tools that allow you to do the entire process quickly. In general, the path is basically the same: just copy the video’s original URL and paste it on some website with this feature. Here’s how to do it on different devices.

How to download videos from Pinterest on your computer

The Pinterest Video Downloader tool was chosen for this tutorial on the computer. Because it is available directly in the browser, the main advantage here is that you don’t need extra software to use it – which still guarantees an extra boost in the security of your machine. Check step by step:

1. Go to Pinterest and copy the video link of your interest, according to the arrows indicated below.

2. Access the Pinterest Video Downloader website and paste the video link in the field below; then click on “download”.

3. Click the three-dot sign next to the downloaded content; then select the “download” option to save it to your computer.

How to download Pinterest videos on mobile

On your phone, you can download videos from Pinterest in your browser, following steps similar to the previous ones. Here we did the step by step in the Android version; check out:

1. Open the app on your device and tap the three-dot sign in the right corner of the screen.

2. Touch the “copy link” option.

3. Open your browser’s app and go to the Pinterest Video Downloader website. Paste the link in the field indicated below and then select the download button.

4. After the video is available, touch the three-dot sign and finally “download”.

Do you prefer a more complete tool? Keep Save It allows you to download videos and gifs not only from Pinterest, but also from different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, among others. To use it, just follow the same steps as in the browser on your PC or mobile phone, copying the content link and pasting it in the download field.


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