Honk messaging app launched with disappearing chats features

Honk is a new messaging app that wants to do what WhatsApp did to text messaging, by introducing real-time messaging. The app promises an in-the-moment messaging experience, with messages being shown to the other person as you type. The app is currently only available for iOS users and will soon be made available for Android also. Also Read – WhatsApp Christmas stickers: Here’s how to download and send

The app does not have a send button and limits the messages to 160 characters. To recall, SMSes also have a size of about 160 characters. Once a user hits the 160 character limit, they need to tap the refresh button to start from scratch. Due to its real-time approach, the Honk disappearing chats has no chat history. Also Read – Apple removes 94,000+ apps, warns Chinese developers of more bans in the future: Report

Basically, Honk messaging app is an amalgamation of Google Docs‘ real-time collaboration feature and Snapchat’s disappearing messages feature. Also Read – 4 WhatsApp features we expect to see in 2021

To use the honk app chat, you can open it and go to the contact page of the person you want to talk with. There you can use the “Honk” button to gain the other user’s attention and call them into the chat. After they come into the chat you can start off typing your message and holding a conversation with them.

Apart from the ‘Honking’ and real-time messaging, the app also has a number of customisation features too, these include changing the colour of the conversation bubbles, choosing emoji skin colour and more. You can also use the “Magic Words” feature, which lets you assign an emoji to a word or phrase. This basically brings up the emoji on the side when you type that word.

Honk is currently only available for iOS users and will soon be made available for Android users also. The company is yet to announce a launch date for the Android version.

Since launch, Honk app has climbed up in popularity, with it becoming the 53rd most downloaded app on the Apple India App Store and the 11th most downloaded in the US App Store. The app is currently facing some issues like users being shown offline even when they are not. It has admitted that the issues are prevalent, and it is currently working on a fix for the same.

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