Here’s How the Oscars New Diversity Requirements for Best Picture Work

The Oscars announced late Tuesday night sweeping new representation and inclusion standards for films to be eligible for Best Picture, and already they’re being misconstrued or misrepresented. The Academy has put a focus on diversifying the makeup of its membership and the films that are nominated over the past few years, and these new requirements – which won’t take full effect until 2024 – mark a substantial step forward.

But how do they work? What does a film now need in order to qualify for the Best Picture category? We’re here to break down exactly what the requirements are, but first a few notes:

  • These rules only apply to the Best Picture category. All other Oscar categories will keep their current eligibility requirements.
  • For the 94th and 95th Oscars ceremonies in 2022 and 2023, respectively, a film will submit a confidential Academy Inclusion Standards form to be considered for Best Picture. But beginning in 2024, a film submitting for Best Picture will need to meet two of the four standards.

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