Heavy thunderstorms and rains in Seoni, terror of black clouds of the west

Bhopal. As Bhopal News had expressed apprehension and cautioned the farmers. The suture of Madhya Pradesh is surrounded by black ghats of the west. At 4:00 pm there have been reports of rain with heavy thunderstorms. Normal life has been affected. How much loss is awaited for detailed information.

After a sudden change of weather at 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, the storm including Barghat and Kanhiwara area received heavy rains with heavy thunderstorms. The headquarters received heavy rain with strong winds from 4 am to 15 minutes. After this, the weather remained clear till 4.45 pm. After this, it started raining again with a strong thunder glow. The Barghat region also received about 20 minutes of heavy rain.

Here in Kanhiwada area due to storm and rain, electric poles and many trees were destroyed. Ugli and adjoining villages of Kevalari area also received heavy rainfall. During the rain, power supply in the surrounding areas including the headquarters continued to be switched off. Due to rain, the standing crop in the fields of farmers and wetting of the crop kept in the barn has increased the possibility of damage. There is no news of wheat getting wet on the first day in the procurement centers due to very few farmers reaching the centers.

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