Hearthstone hotfix introduces significant changes to Discover mechanic

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has targeted the Discover mechanic in the latest Hearthstone hotfix.

Discover cards and cards that “generate a random card” can now no longer Discover themselves. 

This hotfix comes after criticism from the Hearthstone community and the worrying state of the metagame. The change, according to Blizzard community manager Kerfluffle, is aimed at helping games feel “a bit more varied.” 

While discovering the same card can be exciting at times these “types of experiences tend to have diminishing returns after a while, ” Kerfluffle said. The adjustments should make for “healthier games” against classes with resource generation.

As for cards like Shadow Visions, players are still able to Discover a second copy of the same if it’s still in their decks. 

Besides the changes to the Discover mechanic, a few unusual bug fixes were also implemented in the 18.0.1 server hotfix

  • Mr. Bigglesworth—Kel’Thuzad’s cat—is now available in Battlegrounds for all players.
  • Fixed a bug where the selected minion summoned by Jandice Barov would not have the death upon damage enchantment when summoned again with Khadgar.
  • Fixed a bug where Headmaster Kel’Thuzad would not resurrect minions that were destroyed from being returned to a full hand.

All of these changes have taken place on the server-side, meaning players won’t have to download a new patch if 18.0 is already installed. 

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