Government, these are very restless

Mumbai. Lock down extended till 3rd May. The government is also going to fix a guide line. Most of the restless people from the lock down are in the migrant and unorganized sector workers. Which is also natural. Some people from Bandra, Mumbai took advantage of this restlessness yesterday, crowds gathered and lathi-charged. Since the beginning of the lockdown implemented to prevent the corona virus infection, migrant workers across the country have had a sense of discomfort, which has deepened. On one hand, their income has stopped due to the halt of economic activities, on the other hand, if they want to return to their village, then that too is not possible. Thousands of workers, such as have reached their villages with their families or have been kept on suspicion of infection on the border of their territories. Those who have reached the village have a crisis of both health and yoga.

In fact, even today, a large number of such migrants have not been able to return or have been stopped from place to place in the course of migration. The Union Home Ministry has asked the state governments to make arrangements for their food and drink and take care of their medical and mental needs as well. The order of the Supreme Court is also mentioned in this directive. Such employment has been provided to such people in Madhya Pradesh.

Other state governments are trying to arrange for the care of these migrants and the central government is also continuing to provide help, but all this is still insufficient. Worrying reports of helpless laborers and their families are suffering from hunger and sickness. Despite the goodwill and hard work of government departments and administration, the needs of workers are not being met. Due to this, people have been forced to vent on uproar and violence in many places. True, when such food is not available properly and the hopes of returning home or getting employment are falling apart, then such incidents are bound to happen. In such a situation, the need to provide them with proper care, treatment of diseases and mentally-extinguishing them is increasing. The central and state governments should immediately make a plan keeping in view the increased lock-down by 3 May. The government should think that it has a human side, which anyone can ever wind, it can heat the boiling lava inside. The results of which will not be pleasant. The center which is making the guide line should have a clear order on this subject and they should be binding on the states where the rival governments are there.

How big a challenge the corona virus is and the difficulties it is facing in trying to deal with it, it should be clearly stated to the migrant and local workers. Discussion with them about problems and solutions is also necessary. For this, services of trained health workers and religious persons should be taken. These measures will instill confidence in restless and unhappy workers and they will be able to live peacefully in temporary camps. Generally, such workers are housed in community centers, panchayat buildings, schools, etc. These places are beyond the settlement, and the settlement will lock down, causing many problems. There is generally no arrangement for living, eating and drinking etc. in such places. It is the responsibility of the states to provide all this with cleanliness. Not being able to do this and not even returning home, workers can be upset because they have their families with them. These workers, along with being citizens, are the foundation of our economy and when we all recover from this crisis, then with these hard work the process of grooming the economy will begin. All governments should remember this.

Mr. Rakesh Dubey is senior journalist and columnist.

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