Google to start enabling two-factor authentication for select users

Google has announced that it will now start enabling two-step verification (2SV) or two-factor authentication (2FA) by default for select users. The company states that this will help its users stay protected from security threats, which are on a sharp rise. Also Read – Google Play store’s new privacy section will reveal data apps collect from users, how they use them

The company made the announcement on the occasion of World Password Day in a blog post where it also listed a number of steps it is taking to properly secure users’ passwords. Also Read – Google Pixel 4a Flipkart discount drops price lower than OnePlus Nord: Should you buy it?

In the post, Mark Risher, Google’s senior director of product management stated that it will soon “start automatically enrolling users in 2SV if their accounts are appropriately configured.” “One of the best ways to protect your account from a breached or bad password is by having a second form of verification in place – another way for your account to confirm it is really you logging in,” he added. Also Read – Google commits Rs 135 cr to help India fight COVID-19, shows vaccine details in 8 Indian languages

Two-factor authentication will only be enabled in those accounts that have been configured for it. Users can check if their account has been configured through Google’s account security checkup.

Google in the post stated that this is a part of its push for a future without passwords.

Even though 2FA will come turned on as a default for select users, it is still optional, and the users can choose to disable it. However, the company is expected to make it mandatory in the future.

In its World Password Day blog post, Google also advised its users to make use of its free password manager to perform a security check-up on all their accounts to find out if any of their passwords have been compromised.

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