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Google Doodle Fredy Hirsch © Google

He was a beacon of hope for thousands of children: Google uses a doodle to remember Fredy Hirsch.

M.At the moment it’s going to be sporty on Google’s homepage. Anyone who heads for it discovers a muscular man who is busy doing exercises. The well-trained person in the drawings represents the German-Jewish athlete and educator Fredy Hirsch. The name shouldn’t mean something to many people ?? although he did a lot of good in his life and alleviated the suffering of many people.

Sport was his life

Fredy Hirsch (real name Alfred Hirsch) was born on February 11, 1916 in Aachen (North Rhine-Westphalia). His father Heinrich Hirsch, a grocery wholesaler and butcher, died just ten years later. Fredy Hirsch discovered his passion for sport early on. Together with his brother Paul he was involved in various Jewish youth and sports clubs? there he teaches children. In 1933 he took over the management of the Jewish Boy Scout Association in Düsseldorf.

Exile in Czechoslovakia

After Hitler came to power on January 30, 1933, a threatening situation quickly became apparent for Jews in Germany. Mother Olga Hirsch and brother Paul emigrated to Bolivia, Fredy initially lived in Frankfurt am Main (Hessen) and went into exile in Czechoslovakia in 1935. In Brno he worked as a rhythm teacher. He lived there with his friend ?? the medical student Jan Mautner. His open commitment to homosexuality was unusual at the time.

Difficult years in the Theresienstadt concentration camp

On November 24, 1941 the Nazis deported Fredy Hirsch to the Theresienstadt concentration camp (near Terezín, Czech Republic) ?? The SS deployed around 1,000 prisoners there to expand the ghetto. Hirsch belonged to a group of 24 that was supposed to organize the work. Even in this difficult situation he never lost sight of his fellow prisoners, primarily the Jewish children. He organized sports and cultural events for them and the Jewish community.

The terrible end in the extermination camp

On September 6, 1943, Fredy Hirsch was deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in O? Wi? Cim (Poland) together with other prisoners. There he fought for improved food and hygiene conditions in order to alleviate the suffering, especially of the children and teachers. On March 8, 1944, Fredy Hirsch was found dead in the camp? Suicide, so the diagnosis of a prison doctor. But to this day there are still doubts. According to rumors, Hirsch organized a riot. It is possible that the Nazis discovered this and killed him. Fredy Hirsch would have been 105 on February 11, 2021 ?? Google honors him with a doodle.

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The Google service offers these follies

What is a Doodle from Google?

Such a doodle is not an isolated case. For memorable anniversaries and birthdays of famous painters, writers, researchers, explorers and inventors, the search engine operator decorates its homepage at irregular intervals, often with graphics or animations.


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