Glitches Continue as Political Science students receive Mock Test Paper for Final Year Exams

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DU Open Book Exam 2020: Glitches continued to plague the Delhi Univerity’s OBE 2020 Final Year Exams even on Friday, as students from political science reported receiving Mock Test Paper for Final Year Exams instead of an actual question paper. As per reports shared by students, exam for Final year students of BA (Honours) Political Science was scheduled to be held on Friday during the afternoon shift. However, when students logged onto to the DU OBE 2020 portal, students were baffled to see the question paper that was provided to them as part of the mock-tests was uploaded as the one for the final year exam. Many students said that they had already started solving the paper at 11:30 AM after logging onto the portal, only to later realize that the question paper was the same as provided for the Mock Exam for practice purposes.

Actual Question Paper Uploaded a 12 PM

After realizing that the question paper available on the DU OBE Portal 2020 was the same as shared for mock-test, students reached out to varsity. After several reports of the same going viral on social media as well, the varsity uploaded the actual / fresh question paper on the exam portal and made the same available to the students.

This also caused major problems for students who had downloaded the question paper at 11:30 AM and started solving it without noticing the change of paper on the portal. A student reported that due to network and connectivity issues, he downloads the question papers before the exam and then logs off the portal and answers the questions. However, for political science paper, he ended downloading the mock test paper and solving it and only to realize at the time of uploading that the question paper was changed.

Students Received Mock Test Paper On Email

As per media reports and several accounts shared by students on different social media platforms, the university’s OBE dept had also mailed the mock test question paper to the students of political science for the final exam. Many students who had not appeared for the mock test didn’t realize that and instead ended up solving the mock test paper and mailing the same back to the university. However, following the completion of the exam, they got to know from their friends and peers that the question paper shared on email was mock test paper and that actual paper was uploaded by the varsity on the portal at 12 PM.

Grievance Committee to Look Into the Issue

As per reports, the Delhi University’s OBE 2020 Grievance Committee has been tasked with investigating the matter of wrong question paper being uploaded on the portal and then later being changed. Many students who reached out to the committee after appearing for the exam were assured by the varsity of a clarification about what will happen about their exam soon.

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