Genshin Impact players are getting wrecked by random lightning strikes


Genshin Impact’s new Inazuma region is the most beautiful and inviting area yet, but it’s also filled with the environmental equivalent of a swift middle finger: random lightning strikes.

baals_really_coming_for_kazuha_this_time from r/Genshin_Impact

Reddit user mumeishii uploaded a short video which highlights just how aggressive the weather in Inazuma can be. The main culprit is the region’s third, most southwestern island. I don’t know if it’s due to its proximity to the electro archon or what, but this place is an electrostatic minefield. You get zapped when you teleport, you get zapped just running around, and you can even get zapped while standing still during cutscenes and conversations. To add insult to injury, you can get struck by lightning while you’re hiding out by a statue of the seven because you need to heal because you just got struck by lightning. 


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