From operating theater to IT: this is how you get started in the tech industry

Manuela Sakura Rommel has worked as a nurse for years – a back-breaking job that is unfortunately not particularly well paid and yet requires full commitment from the staff. That is why Rommel was toying with a switch – and applied for a partial scholarship Ironhack. There, programmers and developers for the IT industry are trained in so-called coding bootcamps. “I heard about Coding Bootcamps on Facebook for the first time,” says Rommel. “There I also found a free trial week that I did. When I first built an HTML page and wrote ‘Hello World’ in orange, it was magical for me. I didn’t believe before that I could even do that. “

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IT training: career changers are welcome

Manuela did not have any previous knowledge when she learned to program in bootcamp. This also applied to many of the other participants: “There were people like me who were simply looking for a lateral entry. There were students. But there were also people who hadn’t completed any training before and simply said they wanted to do a bootcamp now, learn tech skills and then see where they were headed, ”said Rommel.

Demanding training

IT developer Manuela Sakura Rommel

Manuela Sakura Rommel worked in the hospital and is now employed as an IT developer.

However, the whole thing was not a self-drive for the former nurse. On the contrary: The training was demanding: “At the start, we got access to a test portal that contained all the information that we were supposed to acquire. That was a lot of material, it was also a bit overwhelming, I have to say. But it was positive pressure. ”In the course of his training, Rommel learned how to implement things, for example to get a website up and running. “It remains to be seen whether the code is the most beautiful or the most functional. You learn the paradigms, but putting that into practice is a different pair of shoes. But that’s not a big deal, because you can look up a lot and there is a large network in the tech community, you can always find someone to ask something. That works fine. I’m still learning more about programming every day. “

New perspectives as an IT expert

The effort has paid off for Manuela Rommel: Today she works as an IT developer at the online shop Flaconi, which sells beauty products from Berlin. The expert not only appreciates the better pay, but also the more flexible working hours. She doesn’t want to go back to her old job: “In the hospital you can make mistakes that can be fatal. In software development you simply take a step back after a mistake and then everything is fine again. That’s the beauty of programming, you can always try it out. “

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